Block B Fun Facts

  1. Block B’s fan club is called BBC, which stands for Block B Club.
  2. Block B debuted on April 15, 2011 through the music program KBS Music Bank.
  3. Block B was originally a 5-member group, original members including Zico, Kyung, and U-Kwon. The other two were dropped from the team for various reasons.
  4. Cho PD was said to have spent 1.4 million USD in creating Block B.
  5. Block B covered It’s Not Over by Miss $, released in the later group’s repackage album, Miss Independent (Zico, Kyung, Han Hae, Mino, U-Kwon).
  6. Pre-debut, Zico and Kyung used the name Harmonics as a duo to release the single “Letter” in 2009.
  7. P.O. and Kyung were featured in Cho PD’s song Fever II. This is the first time P.O. wrote his own rap for a released song.
  8. During their pre-debut period, Block B (Zico and Kyung) participated in MTV Rock ‘Em Hard featuring Brandnew Stardom.
  9. Zico makes the members try out all the parts to find out which fits them the most before distributing them.
  10. Zico wants Block B to be remembered as playful idols.
  11. Zico said that they do not want to limit themselves to simply being a hip hop group and would like to try out other genres as well.
  12. Both Zico and P.O would like to form a hip hop rap unit consisting of Block B’s rapper line (Zico, Kyung, and P.O).
  13. U-Kwon and B-bomb would like to collaborate and create a dance unit.
  14. P.O and Tae Il have the least athletic image in the group but won against the other five in a match of speed walking.
  15. Kyung said that the group is able to fit in with every kind of audience and thus Block B is ‘Everyone’s Idol’.
  16. Block B (especially Zico) is good at creating different puns and wordplays.
  17. Recently Block B has admitted to gaining weight and not being able to fit comfortably any longer into their debut clothes for FREEZE.
  18. Block B wrote more than a hundred songs before debut as practice.
  19. Block B would exchange Jae Hyo for B1A4’s San Deul because they think the latter is cute.
  20. Block B is known for always pulling funny faces in their press conferences and on the red carpet.
  21. Block B are 2NE1 and 4minute fanboys.
  22. Block B members can’t live without the internet. Everywhere they go they need to look for a wifi-zone.
  23. Block B members are fond of hacking each other’s social network site accounts (twitter and cyworld), the most frequent victim being sub-vocalist Jae Hyo.
  24. Block B sets themselves apart from the standard mold of idols who give lots of importance to their image and visuals as they are given more freedom by their company.
  25. Block B members agreed that Jae Hyo is the dirtiest member, followed by Kyung.
  26. While training for their debut, the hardest moment would be when Block B would practice dancing 10 hours a day for 2 to 3 months.
  27. The Visit Korea Cultural Concert in the Philippines was Block B’s first ever overseas performance.
  28. Block B finds Filipino fans enthusiastic and are touched by Philippine BBC’s passion and love.
  29. Block B sold out 4 venues (Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Nagoya) during their First Showcase Tour in Japan with hardly any promotion beforehand, attesting to their popularity even as rookies outside of Korea.

(source: Universal Records Philippines)


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