Block B Fun Facts

Block B’s fan club is called BBC, which stands for Block B Club. Block B debuted on April 15, 2011 through the music program KBS Music Bank. Block B was originally a 5-member group, original members including Zico, Kyung, and U-Kwon. The other two were dropped from the team for various reasons. Cho PD was […]

BTOB Fun Facts

Seo Eun Kwang He has a younger brother. He has a bad habit of shaking his legs. He likes to listen to emotional songs and his role model is Kim Bum Soo. His favorite food is nurungi, which is a traditional Korean food made with scorched rice and his favorite dish is baeksook, which is […]

B.A.P Fun Facts

Bang Young Guk He started his music career when he was in his second year of Middle School. He posted his own rap lyrics on an online forum and was contacted by some members of the under ground group Soul Connection and eventually joined the group. He started his music career when he was in his […]

Block B Fun Facts

Lee Tae Il He trained the shortest out of all the members, but has had 6 years of vocal training. When Cho PD first met him he said, “You’re cute!” He attended Kim Myung Ki‘s Vocal Academy that artist such as Wheesung and Secret‘s Song Ji Eun attended. He has a fish named Super Equus. […]